We are Bytes & Brains

We area team of data scientists and software engineers on a mission to empower our customers to take advantage of their data. We are not just colleagues, but real-life friends, and most of us goes way back to college and the happy days when we all studied at universities. We share a passion for coding and data science, and we started Bytes & Brains to do what we do best with some of the people we like the most.

It allbegan back in 2014, when the idea of making our own consultancy firm started to take form. Three years later it all fell into place as some of us finished our degrees and others where eager to replace their current jobs with the life of an entrepreneur.

We allshare the belief, that work should be driven by passion and curiosity. So together we created a company with a flat structure and a trust-based culture. We have proven our skill set many times over in fruitful collaborations with some of the biggest companies in northern Europe.

Our workingweek is 30 hours, because we believe that a good worklife balance is the key to productivity and an energetic working environment. We all get payed the same and and we all have an equal voice in all matters. We further a culture where learning and knowledge sharing are key factors, and where there is room to work on assignments in diverse fields.

Three things you need to know about us

We do what we love

The most important thing you need to know about us is that we love what we do and that is why we are so good at it. We go to work every day because we want to, and we are eager to create the best solutions for our customers.

We share our knowledge

We are eager to learn and are always in pursuit of new knowledge. This is our force. We share all we know with each other, which means that you might have one consultant working on the assignment, but you get many brains working on your problem.

We work directly with you

We have a flat organization structure, which means that there is never far from thought to action. You are in direct contact with the consultant working on your project. In our experience, this creates the best possible conditions for seamless collaboration.

Portrait of employee

Axel Christfort

Student Assistant


Axel is our Student Assistant. We try to give him as many challenging assignments as possible, yet he always comes out on top. He is our rising star in full-stack development, Javascript/Node.js, Python, Java and Mario Kart (Nintendo 64, obviously). If left unattended, Axel will meticulously go through your code and tell you which algorithm and data structure you should have used. When Axel is not at the office he is playing football or getting smarter at the University of Copenhagen where he studies Computer Science

Portrait of employee

Oliver Boda

Data Scientist


Oliver is responsible for keeping our solutions scalable and easy to hand over. He simply loves the creativity involved in implementing new APIs and libraries that save time and effort.Oliver is a real good guy, who makes quality coffee to his wife, even though he is not a coffee drinker himself, and often takes time to upgrade our lunch with homemade tuna salad and other good stuff. Oliver has specialized in data science, computer vision and machine automation. He has an MSc in Computer Science.

Portrait of employee

Zacharias Dyna Knudsen

Software Engineer


Zacharias is more or less superhuman when it comes to codes and productiveness, and we love to watch him work at multiple screens at the same time. He is a real code wiz and he masters C/C++, Python, Java and a lot of modern JS technologies such as React, Redux and GraphQL. He has build many large software projects from scratch including content management systems, geospatial information systems and data visualisation tools. Zacharias is very social and a big fan of boardgames and beer nights. Zacharias has a BSc in Computer Science.

Portrait of employee

Valentin Rosenberg Larsen

Software Engineer


Valentin is a physicist by heart, but focused most of his degree on software development. This led him to work some years in large IT corporations with both backend and frontend development. Luckily for us, he was ready to hang up the tie and shiny shoes again after a few years and follow his dream of being his own boss. Valentin has a desire to learn and comfortably adapts to new codebases, languages and libraries. If Valentin is not at the office, he is home brewing his next batch of beer. Valentin has a BSc in physics.

Portrait of employee

Sigurd Carlsen

Data Scientist


Sigurd has a special ability to solve puzzles and technical problems, especially those related to scientific and analytical work such as image processing or bayesian optimization. When Sigurd really dives into a subject, be it Sequential Model-Based Optimization, Trackmania Turbo or anything really, he comes out mastering it. He is a real people person and our costumers love him. In his spare time, Sigurd skateboards, plays the trumpet and really gets his geek on when playing miniature wargames. Sigurd has an MSc in physics.

Portrait of employee

Emil Johansen

Data Scientist


Emil is very experienced in developing software for the healthcare sector. For example,he has developed applications for automated healthcare journals, image diagnostics, and iOS/Android apps for automatic detection of cardiac arythmia and sleep stages. Emil has a thing for Asia and especially Japan, where he currently lives and works from. Emil has an MSc in Medicine & Technology.

Portrait of employee

Benjamin Legarth

Chief Operating Officer


Benjamin has a strange fascination with processes and project planning. He is responsible for our the daily operations and makes sure that we reach our milestones on time. He thrives in the sweet spot between software developers and end-users where he ensures that both sides are happy and understand each other. Benjamin loves to cook and insists on keeping our stomachs full throughout our occasional nightly coding sprees. He is determined to run Copenhagen Marathon in under 3 hours one day. Benjamin has an MA in Communication & IT.

Portrait of employee

Anders Lykkestrup

Chief Financial Officer


Anders is our economy wiz and controls the company finances. He is one of the few of us that is not a tech-dude by profession, but he still loves his codes. For example, he built this website from scratch - only with a little help from his friends. He is a fast learner, and already works on automation scripts. Anders is also our go-to guy, when it comes to marketing and advertising. Furthermore, he is our specialist on politics and professional bike racing. Anders has a BSc in Business & Economy.

Portrait of employee

Kasper Marstal

Chief Executive Officer


Kasper is our bossman. He is responsible for executing our strategy, and ensuring that we have the best possible working environment, which we think he is rather good at. He also supervises our data scientist on Artifical Intelligence projects. Kasper has worked in a start-up in London, where he first got hooked on the idea of being his own boss. One thing that gets Kasper even more excited than coding is Formula 1 - don't get him started or he'll talk forever. Kasper has an MSc in Medicin & Technology and is currently wrapping up his PhD thesis.

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