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We transform scientific research into relevant, robust, and easy-to-use software.

  • We help our customers turn ideas into code. We use modern technologies to accelerate our customer's product development and transfer knowledge to our customer's technical teams with concise code, documentation, and training.
  • We are a full-stack team of data scientists, software engineers and user experience designers that specialize in machine learning, devops and web technologies. We contribute to several open source projects including TensorFlow (Google), h3 (Uber), ITK (Kitware), and eigen.
  • We love to learn. We love to work with modern technologies. We love to work in diverse fields. Therefore we choose to be consultants. How can we help you?
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Data visualisation

Machine Learning

We provide data science consulting to help customers develop AI algorithms, web applications, and data-driven products. We design, implement, and integrate these solutions with our customer’s technology stack.

Scientific Programming

We specialize in turning scientific research into real software. We help customers in many fields including machine learning, medical image processing, geoinformation systems (GIS), data mining, and full-stack web development.


We help our customers with both on-premise and cloud-based DevOps architectures, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. We work with monolithic applications, microservice architectures, and serverless architectures.

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Scientific Programmer

Full-time - Copenhagen - Medical Image Processing, PACS integration, HL7 integration, C++, Python

Data Scientist

Full-time - Copenhagen - Data Science, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, C++, Python

1x Student assistants

Part time - Copenhagen - iOS/Andriod app development, Java, Swift, HTML/JavaScript/CSS

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