We are Bytes & Brains

We area team of data scientists and software engineers on a mission to empower our customers to take advantage of their data. We take pride in concise code, clear documentation, and our ability to transfer knowledge to our customer's technical teams.

We loveworking at Bytes & Brains because we built a productive, pleasant, and fun working environment. Our desire to define our own company culture was the main motivation for founding our company.

We learnabout new technologies in data science everyday. We contribute to several open source projects including TensorFlow (Google), h3 (Uber), ITK (Kitware), and eigen. Our desire work in a learning environment was another major motivation for founding our company.

We wantto work in diverse fields. Therefore we choose to be consultants. How can we help you?

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Axel Christfort

Student Assistant


I get to work on some really interesting projects at Bytes & Brains. Most of my time is spent programming Python, C++, and web services. I study Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.

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Oliver Boda

Data Scientist


I focus on keeping our solutions scalable and easy to hand over. I love the creativity involved in implementing new APIs and libraries that save time and effort. I specialise in data science, computer vision and machine automation. I have an MSc in Computer Science.

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Zacharias Dyna Knudsen

Software Engineer


My colleagues say my productiveness is superhuman. I would say I am simply well-versed in C/C++, Python, Java and a lot of modern JS technologies such as React, Redux and GraphQL. I have built many large software projects from scratch including content management systems, geospatial information systems and data visualisation tools. I have a BSc in Computer Science.

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Valentin Rosenberg Larsen

Software Engineer


I am a physicist by heart but have focused most of my degree on software development. I have worked in large IT organizations with both backend and frontend development. I have a BSc in physics.

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Sigurd Carlsen

Data Scientist


I have a special ability to solve puzzles and technical problems, especially those related to image processing and analytical work. I love working with people and at Bytes & Brains and I am often the proverbial bridge between our clients and us. I have an MSc in physics.

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Emil Johansen

Data Scientist


I am quite experienced in developing software for the healthcare sector. For example, I developed applications for automated healthcare journals and image diagnostics and iOS/Android apps for automatic detection of cardiac arythmia and sleep stages. I have an MSc in Medicine & Technology.

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Benjamin Legarth

Chief Operating Officer


I have a strange fascination with processes and project planning. I am responsible for the daily operation at Bytes & Brains and it is my responsibility that we reach our milestones on time and deliver what was promised. I have an MA Communication & IT.

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Anders Lykkestrup

Chief Financial Officer


I am responsible for managing our finances and maintaing an overview of our economy. I am not a coder by profession but I really enjoy it and made this website with a little help from my friends. I am also responsible for marketing and advertising. I have a BSc Business & Economy.

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Kasper Marstal

Chief Executive Officer


I am responsible for executing our strategy, supervising our data scientist on Artifical Intelligence projects, and ensuring that we have the best possible working environment. I have an MSc in Medicin & Technology and currently wrapping up my PhD thesis.

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